Impact Executives, yksi Pohjoismaiden johtavista Interim Management -yrityksistä, välittää väliaikaisiin toimeksiantoihin ylimmän johdon ja hallitustason interim-johtajia.

Teemme tiivistä yhteistyötä konsernimme muiden brändien kanssa, jonka ansiosta voimme tarjota asiakkaillemme henkilöstöpalveluja laajasti eri tilanteisiin. Me varmistamme, että saat tarvitsemasi kontaktit tilanteeseen kuin tilanteeseen, helposti yhdeltä välittäjältä.

Alumni  – ylimmän johdon suorahaku ja konsultointi

PAT Management – johtajien ja johtoryhmien arviointi ja kehittäminen

Harvey Nash Group – keskijohdon- ja asiantuntijatason rekrytointi ja interim-haut


What is GDPR?

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation will come into force by May 2018 and will safeguard citizens within the European Economic Area with respect to their data privacy rights. The legislation will impact all organisations that are either based in, or do business within, the EU. The legislation will give individuals greater rights and control over their data by way of consent as well as the power to access, rectify, or erase information held and the right to be informed.

Impact Executives processes personal data for our clients and candidates. The protection and safeguarding of our client’s and candidate’s personal data is a fundamental part of our business operations. We are fully committed to ensure compliance in accordance with the provisions of the various data acts, laws and regulations as applies to our company. A dedicated project team will ensure that we as a company are doing everything in our power to have all the processes, security measures and documentation required, to meet your high standards as well as the explicit and implicit requirements of the GDPR act.

What are we doing?

The actions we are currently undertaking include:

  • Implementing a GDPR compatible business system
  • Increasing IT security with additional data loss prevention
  • Reviewing all our processes and adjusting where needed
  • Reviewing all personal data stored in our recruitment systems
  • Updating Privacy Notice and General Terms & Conditions
  • Partnering with legal advisors

What does this mean for you as a client or candidate?

Since there will be some adjustments to our current processes, you are likely to notice changes in the way we communicate personal data with you in the future. In addition, we may need to update agreements or ask for your consent to store your personal data for recruitment purposes.

As your partner, we always put your best interest first – thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us protect everyone’s personal data privacy rights.