Aug 3, 2017

Anne Westersund has extensive experiences within communications, marketing, branding, customer experience management, change management and strategy execution in international companies. Read her thoughts on the Interim Management market in Finland and how it differs from the Swedish market.

I have experience in engaging Interim Managers to global companies. These Interim Managers have had a certain project to carry out for a certain period of time, with certain set goals. The reasons for hiring them have been different; organizational changes, longer absences such as parental leave etc. and it has not been possible to fill the position with an internal candidate due of a lack of experience in the specific project. An interim solution has therefore been a good option in a situation of organizational change – different stages of change require different skills, and during the project the Interim Manager also sets the needs for the future.

In my experience, interim solutions are more common in Sweden than in Finland, especially in executive assignments. Swedish organizations are used to taking in external resources and fully understand the value of these, as the Interim Manager can concentrate on the assignment without the need to take on administrative procedures and handle internal policies. In Finland, interim solutions are used to some extent, but as an industry it is still in its infancy. The attitude is still that an interim resource is not always the easiest option because the person in question must comprehend company information in a very brief time to be able to reach full working capacity fast. Interim Managers are often very experienced and the client gets an overqualified person on their team who contributes with insights, in addition to the actual mission – insights from an outsider always develops an organization.

As Interim Managers aren’t used to a considerable extent in Finland yet, it is vital to build trust within organizations towards a new way of taking on resources. I have spent countless hours with companies to build their trust for Interim Management. The questions have been many; How is confidential material processed? How to secure data? etc. In the end, however, the missions were a success and the whole team got a skill boost. Interim Managers are truly a good option when building flexible and agile organizations.


Anne Westersund